Top 9 eCommerce Website Development Trends 2021

eCommerce Website Development Trends 2021

Change is the only constant. Advancements in technology and trends are natural. Moreover, coronavirus has changed the entire scenario of business, education, and work. Many walks of life are affected by the insane outbreak of coronavirus in the entire world, and eCommerce is one of them. It is supposed to make a remarkable growth. The picture is changing rapidly in many countries.

For example, Australia has become the 10th largest e-commerce market in the world by revenue. It is expected to grow by 8.9% by 2021. Online shopping is popular in most parts of the country such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, etc.

If you are in the eCommerce business, then you must keep up with time. When millions of households are shopping online then following the trends becomes inevitable. Dealing with the changed mindsets, economy, inner and outer behavior are important parts of the online shopping world. Simply creating a website and stocking it with millions of products will not ace the game for you.

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If you want to see strong growth in your eCommerce business, gaze at the latest web development trends for 2021, stay tuned. Because it’s better to prepare for the future.

  1. Voice Over Hands

Here, we are talking about the trend of using voice search more as compared to typing. The number of smart speaker users is going to increase and is soon to become a new way of shopping. People will become ‘lazier’ and hence would prefer to speak rather than type on their gadgets. So, some amendments to your website can become your lottery and your best ticket to the online shopping world. It will help you increase your customer base and as a result, your business can experience a steep rise in ROI. For this, you can optimize your content for voice queries, provide voice-based navigation on your website, and ensure ease of user navigation.

  1. Social Commerce

You can’t afford to miss this in 2021.

People now prefer to shop through social media platforms. They see ads very frequently and are highly likely to get engaged. They get to know about products and reviews very easily. This makes them grab the best deals from easy platforms. This strategy is called social commerce. You must integrate social media as it is becoming the hottest eCommerce market trend for the coming years.

  1. Headless Commerce

No, we are not joking. Headless commerce means a structure where you will not require to juggle between front and back-end systems. It will allow you to concentrate more on giving a better and enriched customer experience. As it is one of the most dynamic industries, you have to prefer these finest techniques and take your online store to the next level in a short time.

As the eCommerce industry is here to stay, you must put your heart and soul to develop it every minute of the day. If you are unaware of the best strategies and want to get professionals then you always have an option of an eCommerce website development services in Melbourne.

  1. Marketing Automation

As more and more people are now preferring to shop from their homes rather than stepping out, then it is a golden chance to grab most of them. Marketing automation can help you to reach your growth goals and take you to the peak of the estimated revenue. For this, you have to combine eCommerce with marketing automation. You can create tailored marketing campaigns and give top quality shopping experience to your users.

Keep in mind that marketing automation consists of a lot more components other than social media posts and email marketing. It now includes customized landing pages and giving easy access to shopping carts. At the end of the day, the goal is to ensure a satisfactory and comfortable customer experience.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

AI and virtual reality are big reasons for the revolution in the IT sector. You can utilize the technology to bring some awesomeness to your eCommerce online store. Artificial Intelligence can help you carry out tasks more easily and identify the patterns of the market. Mostly, the strategy used here is by browsing history and witnessing a significant rise in sales revenue.

On the other hand, augmented reality will provide your customers with a better view of the product. What does it mean? For example, you want to invest in furniture. You would like to see whether it fit within your lobby. With the help of AI, you can see how it will look like in your house in real. Yes, this is awesome. If you become able to implement these technologies, then you can take a jump in this competitive market. Nothing to worry about, an eCommerce web development company in Australia is there for you.

  1. Payment Preferences

With the fear of getting into contact with coronavirus, people want to take extra precautions. The eCommerce industry should consider it as a big factor. Online payment options and that too contactless should be your preference. You can close the gap with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, net banking options, and many more. It is the era of digital payments. One tip here is to see consider language, payment methods, and currency.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Using Progressive Web Apps or PWA is getting in the talks. If you want to improve your customer experience and sales, then you have to meet this requirement. You can reap multiple benefits from this; reduced cost, better user experience, ease of navigation, and more.

Final Words

Website development is an important aspect of your online store, it says what you want to convey. So, conveying the best to deliver the best is your duty. Follow the trends and utilize them to unleash the most advantageous business. All the best!


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